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Belmopan Garden House - Belize, Central America

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This small house is converted from a simple block-built backhouse in the garden of a Belmopan City property. The house was fitted out using as much salvaged material as possible.

The reclaimed mixed timber ceiling in the bedroom is the focal point of the house, and is made from Belize's many varied hardwoods. From Purple-heart to Billy Webb and Black Cabbage-bark, these hardwood strips come from sawmill offcuts which were destined for the bonfire. The warm, mixed palette comes from the natural colour of the wood and is completely untreated. In addition, the timber has been left unplaned so the initial squaring saw cut adds textural interest to the ceiling.

With the exception of the ceiling in the bedroom, the timber throughout is Sapodilla, a timber that is so durable examples of lintels have been found intact in Mayan temples. The garden for this house includes a large outdoor dining area with green timber-framed pergola and large Sapodilla dining table to take advantage of the cooler evening time in Belize's tropical climate.

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